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Our mission is to provide financial and moral support to the families of journalists who have lost their jobs, injured or died during duty in the current situation.

Where We Work

Most dangerous countries for journalists Modern journalists have played a key role in society for several hundred years—aiming to inform the public about current events and their impact. While the purpose of the media is to serve the public and to encourage political participation in a democratic society, the field has long been painted in a negative light or even prosecuted, especially by oppressive governments. While the American media faces its own set of criticism, the U.S. is relatively lucky that it doesn’t face the regular attacks and murders levied at journalists in other parts of the world. In the last decade alone, 540 journalists around the world were murdered. Sixty-five have gone missing. In 2018, 250 journalists worldwide were imprisoned. The reasons for this were varied, ranging from censorship by the local government, backlash from political entities or militant groups, or even just other citizens being angered by what that particular journalist had reported. list of the 17 most dangerous countries for journalists. The countries were ranked by the number of journalist deaths in the last 10 years, with supplemental information about journalists who have gone missing in that time period, as well as accounts of journalists who were in prison during 2018.

Covid-19 and Journalists

Since COVID-19 sent most of the country into lockdown and triggered an economic freefall, newsrooms across the World have been shedding jobs at an alarming rate. Newspapers, magazines and digital publishers have instituted pay cuts, layoffs and furloughs as ads have shriveled up. The pandemic has left more than 36,000 news workers with reduced salaries or, in some cases, jobless.

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