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Journalists are the eyes of society who work to generate awareness among public about the strengths and weaknesses of the society, but this part of the society suffers most. Being working as an important source of information in society, journalists face most dangers due to nature of their work, where on one hand their life is endangered by mafia system and on other hand government officials also turn against them. In war, peace, disease or any pandemic, journalists always work as front line workers.

Modern journalists have played a key role in society for several hundred years—aiming to inform the public about current events and their impact. While the purpose of the media is to serve the public and to encourage political participation in a democratic society, the field has long been painted in a negative light or even prosecuted, especially by oppressive governments.

But despite this, journalists are facing many economic and social problems, somewhere close down news organizations and somewhere journalists are facing sword of downsizing. Journalists who risk their lives to work for institutions but they are not getting much to support their families.

The International Journalists Welfare Association is an independent, nonprofit organization that is working for the betterment of journalists worldwide, especially in developing countries where journalists are facing much problems. We facilitate journalists financially and morally to work independently.


List of the 17 most Dangerous countries for Journalists.

Number of journalist deaths between 2010-2019

Number of journalists gone missing between 2010-2019

Number of journalists in prison in 2010-2019

Crimes in which impunity was displayed

Most common groups behind the killings: political groups; local residents

Bangladesh 9 1 0 9
Ukraine 8 1 1 3
Bangladesh 9 1 0 9
Palestinian 8 0 0 3
Pakistan 35 0 1 18
Colombia 8 0 0 6
Egypt 11 0 25 1
Libya 13 0 0 13
Philphine 13 0 0 13
Yemen 20 1 0 2
India 23 0 1 18
Brazil 25 0 1 24
Afghanistan 28 0 0 11
Mexico 29 8 0 27
France 9 0 0 8
Somalia 35 0 1 28
Iraq 45 7 0 23
Syria 129 10 5 23

  • The countries were ranked by the number of journalist deaths in the last 10 years, with supplemental information about journalists who have gone missing in that time period, as well as accounts of journalists who were in prison during 2018.


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